NGO seeking to promote legal awareness, human rights and knowledge, related to cases of detention and enforced disappearances,

As the lead IT developer and founding team-member I created and managed technology related projects. This included:

  • Building and managing the
  • Developing a data acquisition system (using MYSQL)
  • Data management and sorting
  • Backend support for internal and external secure communications
    • I secured very sensitive communications and information from clients to server through decentralised email bridges
  • Technical support for internal and external e-meetings
  • Designed a media gallery (using JavaScript)
  • Social media admin
  • Project documenting (photographer and videographer for children’s theatre project and for advocacy sessions)
  • Establishing online security and privacy trainings/ protocols for the team


An online platform to enhance English and Arabic culture. I built:

  • Website user-interface (using HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Host and record configuration (using FileZilla and customised coding)
  • E-booking registration automatically synced with Outlook

An online magazine discussing visual art.

  • Provided research on relevant topics and trends to support the content creation.
    • This was based on client’s objectives and external research mapping.
    • It was delivered in clear and timely reports with descriptions and priorities.
  • Front-end design